In my previous district, I was responsible for the districts’ network and I had had a relationship with Provision Data Solutions. They helped me with network switching and wireless, and they were just a great company to work with. Very competent.

We built a close working relationship with them, so when I first moved to West County, they didn’t have a go-to vendor who we could call if we had issues. So, I brought the Provision relationship with me. I started here in March 2014, and PDS completed their first major network upgrade in May.

Provision is extremely competent and solves your issues…and they’re personable. Some companies I’ve worked with could solve your issues remotely, but they’re very robotic. They don’t give you a lot of feedback.

With Provision, it’s a very personal working relationship. They’ll detail what is going on, they’ll talk you through the entire project and it’s just a very normal day-to-day relationship. They “speak normal,” and it’s very easy to like them and to trust that they’re going to be able to do the job.

In fact, when I first came to West County, the network was barely making it. We knew we wanted to make upgrades in the future, so Provision came in, looked at the network, gave me pricing, which we got approved, and the very first step was to install a bunch of network switches acheter generique viagra.

Being a smaller district we didn’t have the budget to replace everything right away. So the new equipment they installed had to work with the old equipment. The original equipment was 10 or 11 years old. They made it work! They started at 8am and we all left the next morning at 4am–we worked 20 straight hours–but they got it done.

They were here with me–or I guess I was here with them–every step of the way. It was just straight work and a pizza break. You can’t buy that kind of relationship.

When I told my boss about the project later the next day he was very impressed. The following summer, we had the funds to upgrade the rest of our network. Provision Data Solutions is directly responsible for the network West County has today. They’re always cost competitive. Rarely have I had an RFP where PDS didn’t win or was number 2 in the bidding because they work with high-volume vendors to get their costs down.

Everyone at PDS is easy to communicate with. I’ve worked with Ryan, Darrick and Jeff and when I have an emergency situation, I’ll text them and say, “I need help right now!” They’re always quick to respond, usually right back on my cell phone. Now that’s communication I don’t have with any other vendor.

– Cory Smith | Director of Technology