Provision Data Solutions has been around for a couple of Independence Schools’ major network upgrades. I think the biggest one that stands out in my head, and it probably seems small, was when I was having one of their technicians come up for the day to help us with our exchange server. I wanted to move it, get it prepped, get it going to a new place. One of PDS’s data technicians happened to be an hour away at the time our main domain controller for the entire district crashed.

I called PDS, whose office is 4 hours away and said, “Rich, we’re in trouble.” He said, “Oh wow, I’m glad I’m on the way. I’ll be there in 45 minutes.” He got here about 9:00am, and instead of working on our exchange problems as we had planned, he spent the next 4 hours bringing our domain back up.

He could switch gears, just like that, because he had the knowledge to do something completely different. He brought our domain back up, got it all fixed, then booked a hotel room to stay that night. The next day we solved all our other problems that he had originally come up for. That was a big day for us. Since then, we’ve worked with PDS for other things too.

We’ve worked with them for about 12 years. Before PDS, we had a gentleman set up everything completely wrong–the domain and everything, wrong. That’s what prompted us to call PDS. We gave them a scope of work and they straightened out our domain, upgraded us, fixed everything. I think they were here for a month. It seemed like they were here forever! The whole project took a year before we had it all hashed out and working correctly.

We used to be a foundry shop. Now we exclusively use HP, once Provision demonstrated the value proposition and then showed us how to use it, we’ve never looked back. Whenever I do have networking problems, I always call them. I don’t even have a second person in mind. And whenever I have friends who have networking problems, I recommend PDS.

I’ve developed a personal relationship with Bill Ryan, my account executive. I’ve developed a personal relationship with Darrick Davis and we’ve become friends If I’m ever in St. Louis, I always make it a point to stop in and say hi. We don’t talk business; we don’t talk shop. They are always there to answer questions and, although it doesn’t happen very often, I always tell them I am here for them as well–personal, business, whatever. I do whatever I can to help them out because they’ve helped us out so many times.

– Todd Theen | Director of Technology