Jackson School District (Jackson County, MO) needed help with its switches and core network and wireless infrastructure that we had some expertise for internally. I had the resources to buy equipment, but if I needed technical support with design and advice, Provision Data Solutions had the skill set to be help me that some of the other vendors didn’t.

Around 2009, they would just show up and say “hi, how are you doing https://sildentadal.com?” I never bought a thing from them, so I kind of admired that because I’d been doing some consulting prior to my job here. I thought it was pretty interesting that these guys would show up to say hi for 2 years without me purchasing anything, but pretty soon, I started doing business them, and we’ve worked together ever since.

At the time, Jackson used 3com Wireless, and we were having issues with it and needed to expand it to support a more dense and dynamic environment. PDS suggested Aruba, so we ended up converting to that platform, and we’ve been very happy with that solution ever since.

Provision has been a great company to work with. They’re very good with design, implementation and development of our infrastructure. And they have great customer service.

– Tom Schreiner | Director of Technology