Here at Jennings, we migrated away from our previous wireless solution to an Aruba wireless solution. We asked PDS for a turnkey system and they gave us a turnkey system. They were all here–including the president of the company. Mike Rothkopf, he rolled up his sleeves and put his work boots on and was personally involved in the rollout. They worked in every building to give us a turnkey solution, and it was on time and on budget.

Their pricing is fair. There have been occasions when I’ve found a lower price, but I always look at it like, “Okay what’s the value of the cost?” When it comes to PDS, I know from a service standpoint, they know what they’re doing. They’re not always the lowest priced vendor, but for the service, I know what I’m getting.

In my role as CTO, I oversee all technology as well as vendor management. I’ve been at Jennings almost 5 years, but have worked with PDS for almost 12. I worked with them at the last two or three organizations I worked for.

They won me over in a previous job where we were having issues with our firewall, and I was looking to swap to a different brand. They made a case for me to try a specific firewall and they were very clear and precise in the reasons why we should try it. That ended up being a better decision than the route I wanted to go. They won my trust at that point, and I’ve worked with them on several projects since. they’ve never done anything to lower that trust viagra uden recept. If anything, they’ve built it up more over time.

When I was the VP of Information Technology at Sun Security Bank, we needed a company that would come in and assist us with penetration testing and give us a vulnerability assessment. I called PDS. They had not done that specifically at that time, so I told them what we needed, and they put together a solution for us which worked out very well.

They’re not going to tell you things you don’t need to hear. They come in and shoot straight. That’s always been important to me. They’re very good at what they do, and they don’t offer every product known to man. But the products they do offer, they’re familiar with and they give you quality solutions. It’s a family operation. They have the core values of a family organization. You can see that when you deal with them.

I wouldn’t say I have a personal relationship with them, but it’s a relationship that has built up over time. Time and again they’ve proven to me they know what they’re doing and are consistent with their work over the last 10 or 12 years of working with them. They’re not afraid to try new things.

– Jason Crahen | Chief Technology Officer